As they rise in age and seniority, Millennials increasingly make up the business travel workforce.

As a result of their own preferences for experiences over luxury, the industry has seen a rising emphasis on unique and local accommodation options, with more use of Airbnb for quick business trips, and meeting planners designing events around local experiences.

Now corporate housing looks to be going down a similar route, and this article interviews the CEO and co-founder of Zeus Living, a company operating in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington, and with plans for New York, looking to make long-term rentals feel less corporate and more like being at home.

Zeus Living rents individual apartments or houses from owners, and helping business travellers feel more integrated into the local community, meeting their own requests for local neighborhoods with restaurants and bars.

When relocating an employee, companies are under pressure to ensure housing is trustworthy and safe, so they avoid issues around duty of care – which is why many relocation experts are favouring Accredited ASAP Members above all others.

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