Moving towards becoming a global travel super-brand, Airbnb’s investment in restaurant booking service Resy has led to a partnership across 650 restaurants in the USA to enable consumers to book restaurants on both the Airbnb mobile app and website, enabling users to search via cuisine type, time of day, and using a map view  in the appropriate language for international visitors.

Airbnb has noted that in the future it will consider offering exclusive tables for Airbnb users, as well as social dining experiences where guests can share a meal and meet other Airbnb travellers, in line with suggestions from users responding to a Twitter poll.

Airbnb also noted that its guests alone have spent more than $6.5 billion in restaurants in 44 markets worldwide in the past year, and that Resy runs on monthly subscription fees, rather than fees for bookings, making it less expensive for restaurateurs to use than Open Table, the market leader.


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