The World Travel & Tourism Council’s new global index with JLL has assessed how different cities are prepared for growth in tourism.

Of the 1.4 billion international tourists crossing borders in 2018, 45% are visiting cities, with over half a billion international trips to the 300 largest city travel destinations last year.

Based on findings of the research, New York, London, Auckland and Berlin are viewed as mature performers, while Singapore, Beijing, Osaka and Hong Kong have balanced dynamics, so are not yet seeing many overt signs of tourism pressure. Those with a lower level of urban readiness include Bogota, Cairo, Delhi and Istanbul, based on airport connectivity, accommodation and environmental issues.

European and North American cities including Amsterdam, Barcelona and San Francisco have in recent years seen high tourism growth momentum, and have already experienced or are at the risk of facing potential issues from tourism pressures.

Tourism contributes 10.4% to global GDP, and created one-fifth of new jobs globally over the last five years.

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