For space-starved Singapore, the concept of personal rented space with shared communal facilities offers one housing solution.

However, despite its emergence in the mid-2010s in the country, JLL’s latest data on co-living firms showed col-living units only make up 1% of Singapore’s total space. The best-known operators are Hmlet, China-based Mamahome, Ascott and COVE.

Operators can sublet individual bedrooms with the agreement of landlords as long sa residents stay in the unit for no less than three consecutive months, and the total number of occupants per unit is not more than six. But unlike traditional serviced residences, co-living companies do not need to obtain estate agent, hotel or other licences.

This article concludes that landlords still prefer the flexibility to cash out on their investment properties at short notice, meaning co-living firms will find it difficult to make long-term plans.

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