Dubai is set to double the number of its hotels, but with higher demands for accommodation comes much higher expectation from increasingly sophisticated hotel guests across the entire hotel experience, from having quicker check-in to more advanced in-room technology, apps, voice-activated rooms and more.

The hotel industry is becoming more innovative globally, yet startups are yet to play a key role in the Arab region.

This article discusses the untapped pool of opportunities for startups in the region across the entire spectrum, from getting guests to choose certain hotels to making their stay a memorable one.

It references Marriott’s launch of TestBed, an accelerator program that invites startups to test their solutions at a Marriott hotel in the MENA region for 10 weeks, and startups such as Yamsafer Homes, an online booking startup offering alternative accommodations such as apartments for guests that prefer to be unbothered.

It discusses the opportunities for startups across AI , new minibar solutions, central reservation and property management systems, localised events and F&B management, apps in hospitality, fitness and technology and check-in – all offering opportunities for startups to identify the cracks that need to be filled as long as hotels ease the barriers to entry.

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