ASAP members Citybase asked some industry spokespeople their views on serviced apartments and their benefits whether someone is travelling for business, relocating, going on a long holiday or escaping for a quick city break as an alternative to hotels.

“Sometimes I just don’t want the flummery and attention that goes with hotels. I want to feel I’ve got my own place. Like being at home but with the place cleaned and tidy!” @kevin_rushby

The article discusses benefits for families, in the flexibility and space to exist as a family unit away from home without having to turn all lights off and whisper at 7pm due to toddler bedtimes; benefits for solo travellers, when you really feel like you’re living the high life; benefits for business travellers, the feeling of being home yet connected to the office; and benefits for couples, the conveniences of being able to cook, wash clothes, and the privacy of your own space.

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