This article describes the need Americans are feeling to escape near-lockdown and have some kind of vacation, seeking out socially distanced excursions within half a day’s drive from home.

But across the country, they’re moving away from hotels and instead opting for a stay in a private home where they can prepare their own food and won’t come into contact with strangers from outside their quarantine bubble.

The writer says hotels have paid the price, literally, with occupancy down 30% in mid August compared with 2019, according to ASAP Business Partner STR.

Short-term rentals are bouncing back faster than hotels, and have benefited from a shift in travel preferences away from tourist hotspots and towards more rural and remote areas where guests can opt for longer stays.

The article compares some travellers’ preference for predictably professional hotels (even though some still take their own cleaning equipment), and some choosing the ideal – “an Airbnb or a rental that had been empty for a couple of days”.

The conclusion is, regardless of which is safer, the data shows short-term rentals are more popular right now, since short-term rentals could make social distancing more feasible, many are in rural and/or remote vacation markets, and most have full-service amenities, including kitchens, making longer-term stays more convenient.

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