When Donald Trump was elected US President some in the travel industry felt that having a luxury hotelier in the Oval Office would help advance the goals of America as an international destination.

After three months, the administration is not yet proving especially tourism-friendly, and this article considers the industry’s reaction to the first 100 days of the administration from business leaders within hospitality, including:

  • the travel ban of January 27 and its financial impact – estimated by the GBTA at $185 million in lost bookings in the week after the ban was announced
  • the restrictions on large personal electronics in the cabin on flights from several countries in the Middle East and Africa
  • the future of corporate tax rates
  • the effects on international and domestic corporate business travel
  • the Trump Hotels business
  • immigration and visas for temporary and seasonal workers
  • changes on aviation policy and Open Skies agreements
  • whether travellers are choosing Canada this year over the US
  • the reaction of OTAs and gig-economy companies such as Airbnb and Lyft to the travel ban

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