China’s wealthy families are looking to foreign lifestyle experiences as they seek to escape pollution, food safety concerns and authoritarian government activity, even though they suffer limits on moving money overseas and visiting foreign countries.

There is growing demand for trips abroad of a month or more, with travellers seeking a better-quality and cheaper foreign lifestyle for a period to make up for the fact that their emigration dreams have stalled.

Now, many richer Chinese middle class families can get a multi-destination tourist visa for five or 10 years to stay in countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other Asian countries. The article interviews a number of people seeking trips where they are not travelling as a tourist but living like a local, somewhere away from mainland China.

Chinese tourists made more than 140 million trips outside the country in 2018, up 13.5% on 2017, spending an estimated US$120 billion.

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