There has been a huge response from all sectors of the industry following the news of Don James’ illness.  Don, Angela, the team at Berkshire Rooms and The ASAP have been overwhelmed with enquiries and Don and Angela have both been extremely touched by the support from the industry and for the interest in Don’s progress.  As both concentrate on Don’s treatment and recovery, it is impossible to reply to everyone and so they have asked the association to update you all via the Hub

Last week, as part of his ongoing treatment, Don underwent a twelve hour operation in the Royal Marsden Hospital in London.  His recovery from this, understandably, will take some time but Don is (in true Don style) impatient to be up and about.  He is in great spirits, celebrating every step forward however small and hopes to be home soon.  His renowned zest for life, indomitable spirit and positive mental attitude is, if anything, stronger than ever and a great testament to Angela’s unwavering support.  Angela would like to say a special thanks to Cheval Residences for the accommodation which has enabled her to be close to the hospital during Don’s treatment.

Don and Angela would both like to send everyone a huge heartfelt ‘thanks’ and look forward to seeing everyone when Don is fully recovered.

Further updates will follow as appropriate.