The LibDem Party has released its manifesto for the forthcoming UK General Election with several items relating to hospitality. They include:

  • Upgrading the status of tourism within government, with a designated Minister of State for Tourism.
  • Enabling local authorities to bring in tourist levies to fund local tourism infrastructure.
  • Introducing a new two-year visa for students to work after graduation and a major expansion of high-quality apprenticeships including Higher Apprenticeships, backed up by new sector-led National Colleges
  • Replace Business Rates in England with a Commercial Landowner Levy based solely on the land value of commercial sites rather than their entire capital value
  • Setting a 20 per cent higher minimum wage for people on zero-hour contracts at times of normal demand to compensate them for the uncertainty of fluctuating hours of work
  • Giving a right to request a fixed-hours contract after 12 months for ‘zero hours’ and agency workers
  • Expand the apprenticeship levy into a wider ‘Skills and Training Levy’ to help prepare the UK’s workforce for the economic challenges ahead with 25 per cent of the funds raised by the levy going into a ‘Social Mobility Fund’ targeted at areas with the greatest skill needs.
  • Maintain free access to national museums and galleries
  • Completing the coastal path, exploring a ‘right to roam’ for waterways and creating a new designation of National Nature Parks.
  • Reduce the climate impact of flying by reforming the taxation of international flights to focus on those who fly the most, while reducing costs for those who take one or two international return fights per year
  • Placing a moratorium on the development of new runways (net) in the UK, and introducing a zero-carbon fuels blending requirement for domestic fights
  • Allow local authorities to increase council tax by up to 500 per cent where homes are being bought as second homes
  • Launch a National Fund for Coastal Change, to enable local authorities to properly manage their changing coastlines.
  • Set up a £2 billion Rural Services Fund to enable the co-location of services in local hubs around existing local infrastructure.

The full Manifesto: