The hotel industry is constantly responding to shifts in how rooms are designed, and a panel of design experts have shared insights on the disruptors in hospitality design. The top four are:

  • Smaller rooms, with more communal space for socialising – such as Marriott’s Moxy brand, with guestrooms only 183 square feet on average with a “pegboard” to hang furniture on, but lots of communal relaxation, eating and entertainment space.
  • Combining room features into one space – such as wardrobe, minibar and dresser in one, or moveable tables to work on or use for suitcases, or communal ironing rooms.
  • Prefabricated or modular rooms, supplied complete with sinks and electrical appliances in place.
  • Homesharing – not simply the rise of Airbnb and the like, but potentially 40-guestroom hotels to be rented out entirely by one company or group, with food delivery by truck; or facilities not only combining hotels with branded apartments, but whole apartment floors in hotels used for Airbnb rentals.

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