A Tokyo hotel is to work with the operators of budding Airbnb-styled Japanese home-share accommodation called “minpaku”, with the Hotel Suehiro performing check-in, check-out and front desk services for minpaku guests.

By doing this, the hotel is seeing rewards including meeting customers who they can encourage to use the hotel’s facilities such as restaurant and spa.

From June, a new law will allow property owners in Japan who register with their local municipality, to rent out vacant homes or rooms to tourists for up to 180 days per year. Guest identity must be confirmed for the specially designated minpaku areas, so Hotel Suehiro can check passports and provide room keys to minpaku guests.

Japanese travellers are becoming more accepting of a wider range of accommodation types, such as internet cafes which provide showers, and with a shortage of traditional hotel rooms, minpaku is a change that suits the times. N

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