In its first two weeks since launch, the Pokémon Go smartphone app is already the most popular gaming platform in history – offering agile tourism brands the opportunity to tap in to the hysteria and engage with potential customers.

Two of the first travel companies to respond with Pokémon-themed promotions, Visit Anaheim and Travel Portland, launched successful posts immediately, showing visitors and locals where to find Pokémons and PokéStops.

Some call this the Pokéconomy, and some tourism leaders are agreeing that, if nothing else, the app draws attention to things visitors may not pay attention to. However there are also fears that some PokéStops in national historical and cultural venues are inappropriate.

SurveyMonkey has reported that in one day, more Americans used the maps in Pokémon Go (powered by Google Maps) than Google Maps itself. Pokémon Go is currently believed to have more daily active users than Twitter.

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