Both traditional hotels and homeshare providers share a common pool of potential customers, mainly individuals looking for accommodation measured in days rather than weeks or months.

The length of stay is one of the critical differences that define serviced residences, such as apartment rentals, from hotels and sharing-economy products.

This Hotels Magazine article interviews Marc Sandfort (pictured), area manager of Ascott UK, about alternative lodging segments, and how they have opened up the consumer experience to something different from traditional hotel stays.

If a corporate traveller looking for longer-term accommodation is also bringing a spouse, children and the family pet, the traditional hotel is becoming isolated from the increasingly flexible modern traveller.

As the article states, serviced residences rarely have food and beverage facilities other than in-suite kitchens and sometimes a breakfast service, presenting an opportunity for operators to add value to existing offerings, if the consumer wants hotel-like catering as well as possibly a kitchen for the family and space for the dog.

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