In our downtime and among friends, members of the team keep having that all-too-common discussion, ‘what did you do during lockdown?’…

And it’s usually a mix of Joe Wicks, afternoon gin, business Zooms in flipflops, and trying to drag the dog out for the 50th walk around the usual woods. Again.

But it’s when we ask that same question in a professional environment that we start getting excited.

During the initial lockdown period for hospitality, between mid-March and the start of July, we found we’d never been busier. And it’s only now we finally have the chance to take stock.

We’re putting all the results in a smart infographic so everything can be seen easily and quickly. And here’s a taster of some of it:

  • the amount of actual physical business we helped Members secure via our Emergency Housing Support Scheme, at a time when the industry was pretty much closed to all but emergency stays for critical workers and the displaced;
  • the number of daily COVID newsletter updates we researched and released to our Members;
  • the range of stories and mentions about ASAP and its Members that were published in the trade and national media;
  • the level of engagement we enjoyed with the communications we were putting out;
  • the regular guidance and information resources we uploaded, updated and managed;
  • the latest ASAP/Savills sector Sentiment Survey that showed some positivity, despite everything, in operators’ view about the future;
  • the webinars and online industry leader interviews we arranged and shared with Members first, and then the wider world;
  • the plethora of supportive and positive posts, quotes and mentions we received from those we were able to help, especially during the initial ‘panic’ period.
  • And even though there was almost no travel of any sort going on, we even welcomed on board a few new Members!

Now that we seem to be slowly and tentatively moving towards some kind of recovery for the industry, it’s truly exciting to find across so many different media that the serviced apartment sector is generally expected to be the most likely to weather the storm.

We know travellers will seek reassurances around enhanced hygiene, and try to avoid unnecessary contact with others.

So why wouldn’t they prefer self-contained spaces with kitchens and laundry facilities, contactless entry and the freedom to isolate in comfortable, flexible spaces without having to leave the room for the housekeeping trolley?

Finally, as we look towards the four months of this wretched year, we’d like to thank all those who have supported others during this unprecedented situation, and please be assured that we are here for you, having spent time refining our products, our purpose, and our plans for the future.

We’re looking forward to moving ahead alongside you, and let’s hope we can all meet again in person soon!