Andrew McConnell, co-founder and CEO at, discusses developments at Airbnb including the “Find a Superhost” page and its implications that guests actually prefer a more professional and businesslike service.

Once someone becomes a Superhost, are they looking to add properties and become a mini-hotelier and do it full-time? As Airbnb doesn’t charge for listings but takes a cut of actual bookings, the company will want higher prices and more bed-nights, so will they really want amateur hosts working a full-time job any more only able to give the homeshare part-time attention?

The article discusses the future for Airbnb’s traditional occasional hosts, and the moves by HomeAway towards an Airbnb model, in the month that the latter raised finance of $555 million at an estimated $30 billion valuation – from google.

Conclusion: the original beneficiaries of Airbnb, small-time hosts and occasional guests, will get lost in the giant money-making, data-driven machine.

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