Having watched ASAP’s progress bringing accreditation into everyone’s consciousness over the last 6 years, ISAAP is only too aware of how immensely challenging it is to achieve willing traction and support among the serviced accommodation provider community, and make accreditation an effective differentiator.

Now SilverDoor’s launch of their drive for compliance standards across their supply partners lends valuable support to the wider efforts already being made, boosting the general awareness of the importance of recognised accreditation.

This has to be good news!

Through the Global Serviced Accommodation Alliance (GASA), ISAAP works through a number of member trade bodies to continue the challenge of achieving customer demand for accreditation. The Alliance was founded by CHPA of North America and ASAP, and announcements will be made over the next week or so about some more associations who are coming on board.

The ultimate goal is to have the corporate buying community actively prefer accredited providers and properties; and much work has already been done towards this.

But much more needs to, and will, be done to increase the awareness of accreditation and how it allows buyers to select accommodation for their employees and colleagues with confidence. The confidence that prescribed standards of safety, security and duty of care have been demonstrated by the accredited provider to the independent accrediting entity. Corporate travel policy requirements have been met!

This is the 2020 challenge, and it is already well underway – including the directory of accredited companies at www.staywithconfidence.com, an invaluable first point of call for buyers.

But now it is important for this industry sector to resist fragmentation.

Accreditation is, and must continue to be, the unifying force; one which sends a clear and unequivocal message to the corporate buying community, that accreditation is a necessary component of the accommodation selection criteria, and hands the corporate buying community a vital selection tool when booking serviced accommodation.

The next significant milestone on the horizon is the CHPA Conference in Austin, Texas next week.

Providers, agents, suppliers and influencers will gather with the collective objective of learning, benefiting and pushing the industry sector forward. The trade associations of GASA will be prominent and active in this environment and the key message will be that of Accreditation.

As always, ISAAP will be there; and, with other supporters of accreditation banging the accreditation drum, we may well have the best chance ever to get the importance of accreditation understood.

Looking forward to seeing all like-minded professionals in Texas!