ASAP comment: the trend is towards the flexibility of transient workforces renting housing and contents as they go. But while Airbnb is one option for accommodation outside traditional hotels, the inconsistency of properties is still offputting to some corporates. Space here for serviced apartments – and other Airbnb competitors?

Startup Zeus takes on the furnishing, maintenance and booking of properties to business travellers on work assignments who want to avoid faceless hotels and the inconsistency of Airbnb.

It buys its furnishings in bulk and has a template for its service that makes the process fast and efficient, claiming that homeowners will receive their first payments within ten days. Zeus is aiming at the generation of workers who expect to have four or five jobs within their first ten years in the workplace but who don’t want the cost and hassle of moving properties they themselves own.

The company already boasts a $45 million revenue run rate from renting out 900 homes in 23 cities, claiming its pricing saves up to 50% on corporate stays in many cities, and has just raised $24 million to move further into the corporate housing market.

Longer stays over a month made up 15% of Airbnb’s business last year.

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