As many destinations report suffering from over-tourism, “smart tourism” has been described as providing a solution, and this article considers how destinations have the opportunity to approach and increase tourism responsibly and effectively.

It discusses how destinations must do more than just manage peaks in tourism, but also valleys, tapping into data technology to target specific traveller visits off-peak, rather than trying to milk peak seasons and manage the flow. It encourages being proactive to introduce technology to attract particular demographics, such as Visit Finland introducing early the popular Chinese mobile payment platform Alipay.

It also says destinations should take the initiative and not just wait for third parties to create technology or experiences on the ground, calling it the Disneyfication of an experience, while enhancing a city’s or destination’s standing with travellers and locals alike.

The article carries a video and written interview with author Doug Lansky, who offered a vision for destination management of the future at this year’s ITB in Berlin.

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