Compliance within the growing serviced apartment industry “needs tightening up” if it is going to make its mark within the corporate events industry, says SilverDoor’s senior business development manager Mark Stephens, especially where security is under-regulated.

The serviced apartment industry, as with options such as Airbnb, is becoming more popular among corporate bookers; but there are still shortcomings such as self-service at check-in and shortage of on-site staffing at some locations. This could become an issue in some business sectors such as the petro-chemical industry which were more likely than others to place a heavy weight on compliance.

James Foice, ASAP Chief Executive, says:

“As the trade body representing the serviced apartment industry, and in response to this need for customer reassurance within our burgeoning sector, we launched our Quality Accreditation Marques in 2014 in an effort to drive up, maintain and inform standards around bookings, facilities and health and safety.

“For the consumer, it means they can be confident that those awarded our accreditation anywhere in the world are delivering a consistently high standard of customer care, comfort and health and safety. And that, where possible, they should always seek that accreditation marque when booking a serviced apartment.”

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