In the battle for customers in an increasingly crowded market, more hoteliers are starting to personalise communication via direct messaging and content on mobile platforms, creating more sophisticated apps and developing systems that better interpret customer data.

Many are even starting to employ more data scientists, to leverage every opportunity to personalise the guest experience especially when property management systems (PMS) don’t usually connect with complex central reservation systems (CRS).

Small hotel companies with smaller databases have the opportunity to create more human interactions by bypassing legacy technology more easily, while bigger hotel companies may need to build standard application programming interfaces from scratch to connect technologies and tap into the cloud.

Expedia is spending millions to move to the cloud, but hotel brands are generally not yet.

This article discusses some hotel chains’ approach, with input from Marriott, to personalisation across platforms and strategy around cloud technology, apps, newsfeeds, beacon technology and geo-fencing, direct messaging, Facebook chatbots, managing this personlisation and cost vs ROI.

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