Boosted by business and international visitors as well as the Greater Paris Recovery Plan, the French capital marked a record number of hotel stays in 2017 at 23.6 million, up 11.3%.

There were also 16.4 million non-hotel overnight stays, including alternative accommodations like Airbnb, hostels and friends and family hosts, accounting for more than 40% of all overnight stays including business travellers.

Business travel accounted for fractionally more than half of all arrivals, with overnight business stays up more than 8% on 2016. International hotel arrivals were up 15% to 12 million with domestic stays up 8% to 28 million. Top incomers came from the US, up 19% to more than 2 million, China, up 20% to almost one million, other Asian arrivals up nearly 19%, Latin American up more than 20%.


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