Oyo is to offer affordable co-working spaces and accommodation in its Oyo Townhouse hotels under a brand ‘Oyo Workpad’, expecting its co-living and co-working businesses to recover slowly but steadily, post-pandemic.

The company is seeing a growth in demand of 30-35% across its co-living brand Oyo Life and Oyo Workspaces co-working, after launching a 20% discount on monthly co-living rent after four months’ stay. Oyo Life operates in more than 200 buildings across nine cities, and Oyo Workspaces has 17 centres in seven cities.

The first Oyo Workpad was launched at Oyo Townhouse Chattarpur, Delhi, as an alternative to working from home at affordable rates. Meanwhile Oyo Life is seeing a 50% demand in growth for private rooms with a kitchenette, as companies allow employees to split work from the office and elsewhere.

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