DataHippo, a data consultancy established to look into Spain’s tourist apartment industry, has found that one Airbnb host manages a portfolio of 204 apartments in Barcelona worth €37,721 a day in rental income during the high season.

The 10 biggest Barcelona hosts manage almost 1,000 apartments between them, another 666 manage five or more, while income from licensed holiday apartments across platforms in the city totals €1.5m a day. Airbnb argues that 76% of hosts in the city only have one entire home listing.

AirDNA data shows that most hosts with multiple listings are not individuals but actually vacation rental management companies, taking 10%-30% of booking revenue and employing staff.

Change of use licences were originally issued for  by the city council for €230 each, leading to a rush of hosts registering – these now have a market value of around €80,000 each.

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