Recent research by Expedia Group Media Solutions and their earlier 2016 study shows an increasing blurring between business and leisure travel, across 5 areas surveyed: the UK, the US, China, India and Germany.

Key findings include:

  • Across all areas surveyed, on average 60% of business trips were extended with a leisure element;
  • More than six and up to 7.4 business trips were taken on average over the last twelve months, with 71% domestic and 29% international;
  • The biggest sector using business travel was IT/technology at 24%;
  • More than 2/3 of business trips were for conferences;
  • 51% of business trips extended for leisure are domestic, 52% international;
  • When leisure is added to business travel the overall length of the trip can almost double;
  • 50% of trips 2-3 nights are extended, and 49% when the business is far from home;
  • Over-all, 2/3 of travellers extend their trip in the same city or location as their business trip;
  • Most spend about the same on both elements of a bleisure trip, with almost 1/3 of bleisure spend on accommodation;
  • Not everything for the bleisure part of a trip is booked in advance.

Read more and download full report:

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