(ASAP view: this bridge between the sharing economy and hotels is already being well-served by serviced apartments, especially those accredited by ASAP and the CHPA, giving guests the confidence that all elements of safety, quality and service will be met, wherever in the world they stay. Interesting, though, to see another entrant into this space in the US.)

Sonder, previously known as Flatbook, a peer-to-peer home rental service, has announced it has received an additional US$10 million investment to fund global expansion of 500 ‘hometels’ across North America.

Claiming to combine the best of Airbnb and other homestay sites with hotels, each Sonder Hometel must meet a checklist of 237 points checklist before joining, offering everything from linens and professional cleaning to neighbourhood guides and security. Sonder’s customer support and concierge service are available by email, phone and Facebook Messenger at all times of day and night, with responses within minutes.

The portfolio of more than 500 units across six US cities includes houses, apartments and boats.

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