Marriott International, the world’s largest hotel brand, is expecting to lay off “tens of thousands” of employees temporarily, at every level from general managers to housekeepers below corporate level, without paid leave, but the company plans to bring as many as possible back when the coronavirus is contained. Last week, Hilton withdrew its own 2020 financial outlook.

According to Koddi, a research marketing firm that aggregates data from OTAs and metasearch sites, has confirmed that hotel search volume has plummeted in line with rising cases in the US.

Washington was the first state to confirm a coronavirus case in the US and hotel search there dropped as low as 40% y-o-y, while in New York, the state with the most confirmed cases, saw hotel search volume dropp more than 30%.

Executives from Marriott, Hilton and other hospitality brands are to meet with President Trump to discuss “the prospects of financial assistance,” in the coming weeks.

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