This article questions whether AI is a must-have, a nice-to-have, or even necessary at all.

Voice-activated devices in hotel rooms are starting to be a requirement for many guests, and assist with advice on reservations and control in-room technology.

Amazon Alexa and Echo Dot can also be customised to welcome guests while Marriott’s “Hey Siri” rooms at Aloft Hotels use existing in-room iPads and its new ChatBotlr allows guests to text a robot for requests and connect with Reception while away from the hotel.

Caesars Entertainment has been rolling out its virtual concierge texting platform, Ivy, seeing texting as a less-intrusive form of contact and no need to download an app, now available across 10,000 rooms. The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas also has a text service called Rose, with a playful personality which stays within the hotel’s naughty-nice brand.

AI also helps back of the house, automating tasks from housekeeping to revenue management and reservations.

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