Many major hotel chains now diversify their chief product offerings to include a “millennial” brand, including Hilton, Marriott and IHG which have all managed to develop lower-priced hotels without adversely affecting their luxury brands. In contrast, luxury tour operators and cruise lines looking to “downscale” their offerings have to work from scratch to define the fine line between luxury and luxury for less.

Several cruise companies are attempting to distinguish their lower-price offerings from the usual fare by price and timeframe, with shorter itineraries (three or four days) specifically geared to younger travellers, and priced in line.

Next year will see the launch of brands such as U by Uniworld, a river cruise concept designed to appeal to travellers from 21-45 with new ships offering more active excursions, more time in port, and millennial-style features such as communal dining and a silent disco, all at lower prices.

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