According to the head of Amsterdam Marketing, Europe’s historic cities are “dying” from the pressure of tourism, citing his own city of 800,000 people struggling to welcome 17 million visitors a year.

Frans van der Avert states that the city is not spending anything on marketing, in an effort to improve the quality rather than quantity of visitors.

Problems quoted include Ryanair bringing low-spending and party-orientated tourists, and Airbnb, described as “a billion-dollar company that is destroying cities”.

The Amsterdam city council has introduced more than 70 measures to combat tourism overcrowding, including building no more hotels in the city, and restrictions on Airbnb such as limiting guests to no more than four in one property at a time and for a maximum of 60 days, with a fine of €20,000 for non-compliance.He identified Barcelona, Prague and Dubrovnik as similarly affected, and warned the industry of a backlash from city residents which could determine future policies towards tourism.

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