Relocate magazine reports that according to research by global mobility data provider ECA International, Geneva is still the most expensive location in Europe for business travellers, coming in at an average of £554 a day – compared to £448 in London.

London has dropped in the rankings to sixth place from third last year, overtaken by Monaco, Basel and Paris, mainly due to the Euro strengthening while the pound weakens.

All the UK locations included in the list have dropped, with Aberdeen falling from 13th to 39th in just two years following the downturn in the oil and gas industry.

London and Paris top the list in Europe for the price of hotel rooms, with a room in London on average coming in at £334 per night, the 11th most expensive in the world, and in Paris £364, the 5th most expensive in the world.

Worldwide, New York is the only location in the world more expensive for business travel than Geneva, at an average cost of £611 a day driven mainly by the cost of hotels, transport and 15-20% tipping tendencies.

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