Two of the world’s leading associations for serviced apartments and corporate housing have announced plans to form a global advisory panel to help drive recognition, safety and duty of care for this worldwide industry.

The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP), which operates predominantly in the UK and Europe, along with the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), which has a wide presence in the U.S., Canada and South America, are formalising an international advisory panel to open communication and create a global voice for the industry. ASAP and CHPA welcome other trade associations in this sector to collaborate and join these conversations.

James Foice, Chief Executive of ASAP, said: “The concept of a global alliance stems from the fact that we’re operating on a global level. ASAP represents member organisations in 18 countries worldwide. Support for and awareness of accreditation continues, and we now undertake activity in New Zealand, Australia, South America and Asia. Given our increasingly broad geographical spread, we’re becoming more and more involved with associations that have similar goals to ASAP. We felt it right to try and align ourselves to help further those ambitions.”

ASAP is a not for profit trade body representing only Quality Accredited Operator and Agent members, who collectively operate over 100,000 apartments and offer 3 million bed nights per year.

A core part of ASAP’s aim is to help consumers recognise the benefits of serviced apartments, and to regard them as safe, modern and credible alternatives to that of more traditional accommodation provided by hotels. By working together alongside other associations, ASAP is hoping to project that message to a wider audience.

James added: “As we grow, there is a risk we compete with other trade associations for members which will be counterproductive. We feel it’s important to create a collaborative relationship with others to help create a single voice for the industry, wherever in the world we happen to be. Our overriding aim is to establish trust around the serviced apartment industry and we’re confident that by working with CHPA and other associations we’ll be able to clarify that understanding.”

Mary Ann Passi, CAE, CHPA’s CEO, commented: “The creation of this new advisory entity will formalize the collaborations our organizations have enjoyed for years.

“We look forward to working together as a global voice to help address the challenges our industry and member companies face. We also welcome other related trade associations to be part of this dialogue and actively engage in this advisory panel.”

The concept of a global alliance was the headline announcement at the ASAP Convention, an annual convention for serviced apartment providers, which takes place this year on the 5th and 6th of December.

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