If the US laptop ban is extended to the UK and Europe, new security measures could result in major airport disruption, delayed flights and higher costs for passengers, estimated by the IATA at up to $1.1 billion including the loss of productive time in the sky for business travellers and longer travel times.

No laptops in the cabin would be a major issue for business traveler, and further concerns have been raised over the fire risk from storing large stocks of electronics in checked luggage.

Currently more than 350 flights depart Europe for the US each day, and if business travellers switch from flights to Skype or conference calls, airlines could be forced to operate fewer flights as happened to Emirates last month. Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and American Airlines and British Airways account for nearly 60% of all nonstop flights from Europe to the US and would be hardest hit, while 40% of all overseas visitors to America come from Europe.

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