There have long been standard landlord/tenant agreements for short- and long-term rented accommodation in Kuala Lumpur, then serviced apartments and residences began to emerge in the city, competing with hotels on price and quality.
But then Airbnb also came into the picture with less security and regulation.

Concerns have started to emerge round unruly groups of guests, strangers keep moving in and out of condominiums at all hours, and careless use of communal facilities such as overloaded air conditioning and electrical appliances. The fear is that, without regulation or control, guests are unlikely to exercise the same level of care as they would in their own house, which gives rise to fears of fire and dangers around illegal renovations to create more rooms.

There are calls for local authorities to license all parties who rent out rooms in houses and apartments they are not staying in, or renting out whole houses and apartments for short-term stay, with Fire and Rescue Department inspections and commercial tariffs for utilities.

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