Six short weeks ago, we heard at our annual Convention from the great @SimonCalder about his predictions for the coming year across the hospitality industry, and the wider world.

Volcanoes erupting. Pandemics. Brain-eating amoeba. And not least, how the UK general election would pan out, and its likely effect on Brexit.

Six weeks on, and the election was indeed a landslide for the Conservative Party. Brexit is quietly happening in the background, although there hasn’t been any new tilt in the earth’s axis as a result. But there’s no denying the Taal volcano eruption is still threatening the Philippines and the wider APAC region. NASA scientists have been watching the eruptions from space and are predicting, as I write this very day, a huge eruption – possibly within hours – from the way the ground is reacting to likely movement of magma.

So, not Vesuvius, but definitely volcanic activity. Simon was right about that one.

And then, a global pandemic he said. And we wake to hear about more deaths from a disease we’d never heard of before, Coronavirus. Already there are 25 dead reported, 18 million quarantined in one Chinese region alone, and Disneyland in Shanghai closed, as reports grow of thousands of potential carriers already moving among us worldwide.

So another one in the hoop for Simon.

Globally, then, there are seismic changes on the way. Socially, economically, environmentally, politically. And closer to home, we too are making changes in a small way. Because if we wait for others to effect change rather than making it happen for ourselves, we might wait forever.

We are about to announce over the coming days and weeks changes to many things that affect our Association, our ISAAP Accreditation and our operations, as well as how the short-term rental accommodation business operates in this country.

We are rapidly growing GASA, the Global Alliance of Serviced Accommodation in conjunction with our partners at the CHPA and ISAAP, with major Associations across the world coming on board, to make GASA the only brand any travel buyer needs look for when placing employees on assignment around the world.

And we are working with policymakers to refine and finalise the necessary requirements of accommodation as part of the short-stay rental industry both in the UK and further afield.

So watch this space: we can’t wait any longer for others to affect change; as Barack Obama once summed it up so brilliantly, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time… We are the change that we seek”.