Of Rome’s 1,200 hotels, fewer than 200 have reopened after the lockdown, some with hardly any rooms occupied. Hotels catering to foreign tourists are staying shut, as this summer foreigners are unable or unwilling to travel.

Italy’s G.D.P. is likely to shrink by 11% this year, the hardest hit among the 27 members of the European Union, and the Italian tourism industry accounts for 13% of G.D.P., with half of 2019’s visitors foreigners. Half of Italians reportedly won’t take a holiday at all this summer, and while 90% of those who do will choose Italy, but outside the large cities  ofMilan, Turin, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Florence, or Venice.

750 billion will go to the post-Covid recovery fund, called Next Generation EU, of which Italy and Spain will be the main beneficiaries. As of July 20, 135,000 deaths had been reported among the 445,000,00 people living in the EU.

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