ASAP CEO James Foice is joined by Mark Lewis, CEO of Hospitality Action, the charity of the year for ASAP.

Mark shares in the session some information about Hospitality Action, how they’ve responded to the pandemic as well as highlighting the types of support on offer. Ahead of the ASAP Fundraiser Ham and Chips in January and also an event where we will be welcoming Hospitality Action, this recording also updates people on how they can get involved and the latest about the fundraising campaign “Invisible Chips”?

“We realised pretty quickly that the 1st lockdown was going to hit hospitality really hard and sadly nothing has changed since…. It’s important to say, we cannot replace the government support, but social benefits don’t always come as quickly and are not always as generous as one would hope. So we are really a stop-gap measure to keep food on the table for children in hospitality households. We appreciated and recognised mental health was going to take a proper beating. It’s been such a tough time for people not knowing what the future looks like, not knowing whether they’ll be able to go back to a job or keep their business afloat in difficult times and that has caused all sorts of anxiety, depression, and guilt and we have quickly built a set of assets, with tangible ideas for self-help.”

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