In the latest of our Industry Leaders Live series join ASAP CEO James Foice as he interviews Julie Grieve, CEO & Founder of Criton.

The session discusses the impact of 2020 on the serviced apartment sector, the changes that Julie has witnessed with the work they have done to adapt to the new normal. Julie also discusses the variances that she sees between hoteliers and serviced apartment operators both generally and in terms of technology adoption, at what the future holds for our industry and what recommendations she has for operators deciding to adopt mobile technology and what they should be aware of and consider when making decisions for tech.


“Companies should be really clear on what they want their guest journey including digital to be, as understanding what part it will play in the business will make it easier to build. Serviced Apartments have huge opportunities to ensure they engage with their guest and encourage them to book direct, to drive return bookings, brand loyalty, to use it as a comms tool to drive efficiency and understand what guests are doing – data to help you to understand your guests.”