ASAP is delighted to continue its new series of interviews with key industry leaders from around the global serviced accommodation sector.

Join ASAP CEO James Foice as he talks with John Wagner, Co-Founder of Cycas Hospitality discussing the impact of COVID-19 on the industry and the companies within it.

The session also looks at future opportunities for Cycas and the industry, the importance of innovation in the serviced apartment sector and how customers expectations and how to delight and remain competitive when planning for the future.

“You hear so many people predicting what will happen in the future…but they’re all based on historical performance of similar things but let’s face it there’s nothing similar to this. To base it on the last time there was a recession or an outbreak of SARS interesting to make a comparison but nobody can make a comparison…nothing like this has ever happened

In order to recover its not so much your ability to forecast which is a normal business event and function now the successful people will be how quickly can you react to the circumstances that you’re presented with today.”