We continue with the Industry Leaders Live series and we’re delighted to be welcoming Dr Hilary Cooke FIH, Founding Partner of Merlin Consultancy who joins ASAP CEO James Foice.

Hilary an award-winning executive coach, leadership trainer and facilitator with a special passion for the tourism, hospitality and leisure sector will share her thoughts on the impact COVID-19 is having on our sector and us as individuals and what key ways people can cope with this impact.

She will highlight leadership responsibility and skills which have never been more important and what are the key considerations for leaders at the time, the demands on them to be more “everything” and more emotionally available.

Hilary also shares the news of her new book, Picking up the Pieces, which considers the impact of COVID 19 and furlough and how leaders can lead a time and considerations they should make when bringing the team back into the workplace. and her support of Invisible Chips with ASAP Charity Hospitality Action.

“There’s a huge need for a sense of purpose at the moment because we can’t control and the future is uncertain just getting up and coming to work and doing stuff is not enough and we need some sort of purpose. The leaders’ job is to create an idea of where people are heading and why it’s important and to check in on how people are feeling – there’s a huge demand right now for leaders and managers to be more emotionally available.” Dr Hilary Cooke