Join ASAP CEO James Foice as Doug Greenwood Director of Sales & Marketing at Cheval Collection and the outgoing ASAP Chair officially hands over to Evelyn Haran our new incoming, and the first female Chair of ASAP.

Doug discusses the happenings at ASAP during his time as chair, highlighting the launch of the Global Alliance, bringing together like minded associations from around the globe, his thoughts on the ASAP Conventions – the key industry events for our sectors and the development of ISAAP with the key importance of accreditation.

Evelyn shares her thoughts on becoming ASAP Chair at a difficult time for the sector, the importance of membership and the Association and the importance of the accreditation for promoting the industry in new markets with a focus on extended stay.

As an Association we’re all in it together as we move forward out of these challenging times and we’re all totally committed to getting this to the next place that we need to & the difference is being witnessed already within the buying community from the assurances our accredited members can give.