The 10th edition of ILTM Asia opened with the message that affluent travellers from across Asia are set to increase their overseas leisure travel significantly during the next year.

A new survey ‘The Future of the Asian Luxury Traveller’ examines the attitudes to travel of 5,373 high net worth individuals across China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, with the conclusion that the new Asian high net worth traveller is now seeking luxury in the way they travel.

Indians want first class travel and five star hotels. Travellers from Hong Kong are going to Japan to ski and Chinese travellers have safaris at the top of their list. And luxury shopping is a major motivator for choosing travel destinations.

Writer Rachel Botsman’s talk ‘The Sharing Economy: Why Luxury Could Be the Next Big Market’ discussed resource-sharing platforms such as Airbnb and Uber, and how they represent a shift by an ‘asset-light’ generation that can afford to buy, but prefers subscription models, towards on-demand solutions for everything – including hotel rooms.

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