This article in Business Insider reviews a recent stay in ASAP member Marlin’s aparthotel in Waterloo, and the writer came to some key conclusions:

  • the sterling exchange rate is more favorable to Americans than it was pre-Brexit;
  • aparthotels bridge the gap between expensive hotels and random Airbnb, with a kitchen to allow you to cook more cheaply;
  • he was able to cook a range of meals (although regretted the lack of oven);
  • he saved money over eating out every night;
  • he ate breakfast every morning at the hotel;
  • he felt like a local, buying groceries and connecting to the city;
  • the aparthotel was fully-serviced, so the kitchen was clean to come back to cook in;
  • he considered it mid-range, price-wise;
  • for medium to long stays, he would choose to stay in an “aparthotel” again anywhere, as it “takes the worry out of travelling”.

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