This article on the BBC News website profiles the rise of Frasers Hospitality and Choe Peng Sum’s leadership across 148 properties in about 80 capital cities and financial hubs across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It describes his move into serviced apartments rather than hotels being partly because getting planning permission in Singapore was easier and partly because it was a big, untapped market that customers wanted.

“The way to tackle Airbnb is not to ignore it. I will never underestimate Airbnb,” Mr Choe says, and now he wants to bring some of Airbnb’s vibrancy to Frasers including its Capri sub-brand whose website promises “inspiring art and inspirational tech”.

Frasers is on track to operate 30,000 serviced apartments globally by 2019.

Pictured: Choe Peng Sum (second from left) with colleagues at Frasers Manila opening in 2002, copyright Choe Peng Sum

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