This article reports the findings of its survey of  how hotels will tackle the question: “Is my hotel clean and safe?”

It finds answers such as:

  • clean certification, including the Singapore Tourism Board’s “SG Clean” initiative;
  • sanitised arrivals, including automatic sliding doors, doormen in PPE, guest screening, face masks and gloves at check-in and checkout, no credit card and ID cards to be handed over, sanitiser stations in lobbies, disinfectant wipes in lifts;
  • apps for contactless arrival and departure and digital keys;
  • technology-driven cleaning tools and health monitoring, including germ-detecting ultraviolet lighting in rooms and ozone generators to kill microorganisms;
  • reconsidering in-room amenities, such as reinstating single-use toiletries;
  • a priorit on cleanliness, not extravagance, with a reduction in decorative pillows, bed runners, minibars, magazines and pamphlets;
  • replacing television remotes daily;
  • differences in dining, with guests turning to room service rather than buffets;
  • changes to other public spaces such as pools, gyms and spas;
  • social distancing measures at the pool and beach.

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