A new report outlines how wealthy Chinese millennials have been, on average, to 13 countries and traveled abroad 3.3 times for leisure in the past year, for an average of 25 days. Focus group meetings among 500 consumers aged 25 to 36 across 12 Chinese cities showed travelers said they spent more than $50,000 per household on travel within the past year.

They get travel information through WeChat and third-party travel apps, and prefer using online travel agencies to hotel websites or traditional travel agencies. And wealthy Chinese millennials love private dinners at hotels – the top reason they book hotels for special occasions.

Briefly, findings showed:

  • 42% use third-party sites like online travel agencies to book their travel.
  • Airline loyalty programs generally have more awareness among luxury Chinese millennial travelers than hotel loyalty programs.
  • 70% of respondents said they care most about personalised service when booking through a travel agent.
  • Europe and the US will continue to grow more popular as destinations during the next few years for these elite Chinese millennials, while destinations like Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Macau will decrease in popularity.
  • They love international cruising and adventure travel are also enticing to Chinese millennials – only 15% said they’ve never cruised before.

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