The balance of power in US market share among top hotels and OTAs changed little between May 2016 and May 2017, according to bookings data from Hitwise across 8million US consumers, showing a change of less than 1% each way.

Hotels’ market share of all US online bookings fell from by 0.8% to 30.56%, while OTAs picked up by 0.8% to 69.44%, which seems to show the big hotel chains are attracting fewer consumers away from Expedia than they suggest. However there were more bookings overall during this period, so it could be that both hotels and OTAs are seeing an upturn in bookings, while the share shift could also be coming at the expense of offline channels.

This article has five charts showing US hotels’ share of direct bookings, US online hotel booking gains/losses among top players, OTA market share winners and losers,the top 15 hotel brands’ market share, and hotels’ downstream traffic from OTAs.

Its conclusions: that the OTAs haven’t yet seen a huge impact from hotels’ direct-booking campaigns, and the war for market share continues.

Read more and see charts:

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