The lockdown announced over the weekend in England, to be in place from Thursday 5th November until December 2nd (at the earliest), has significant impact on the hospitality industry again.

As in the first lockdown, people cannot travel internationally or within the UK, but must stay in their primary residence and not a holiday home, However, people are allowed to travel for work, so accommodation providers may be allowed to stay open to provide accommodation for those still able to travel.

All pubs, bars and restaurants are to close, other than for takeaways (apart from alcohol, although this is yet to be confirmed)

Everyone must stay at home unless for education; for work, if they cannot work from home; for exercise and recreation outdoors, with their own household or one person from elsewhere; for all medical reasons, appointments and to escape injury; to shop for essentials; and to provide care for vulnerable people, or as a volunteer.

Furloughing and business grants are to continue, and more information can be found below.

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