It has previously suited the hotel industry to call all non-hotels “alternative accommodation”, as though accommodation that appealed to people who don’t like hotels was not part of the mainstream industry.

Even after HomeAway and Airbnb set the benchmark for the “shared space” wing of the non-hotel accommodation world, and TripAdvisor started focusing on the same market, “alternative accommodation” was still being applied to the sector as if it is some kind of anomaly. More travellers themselves are referring to ‘private rentals’ rather than homeshare.

Over the past five years, the percentage of travellers booking rental accommodation within a month of arriving has risen from 12% to 52% in 2016, similar to the 62% of hotel stays  booked in that timeframe, a behaviour that could suggest that more hotel shoppers are coming into the rental world.

This article outlines the strength of homeshare and rental properties as a solid part of the accommodation supply chain, and the shift in the traveller demographic.

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